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Don q gives the worst advice on ask yee

The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 - The World's Most Dangerous Morning Show Listen: 6am - 10am Listen: 7am - 10am Saturdays

Deputy editor for 'The GrioNatasha Alford stops by The Breakfast Club to discuss her recent interview with Omarosa Manigault and much more.

- First black outlet for Omarosa’s book

- Mainstream news outlets

- Trump was doing favors for Omarosa and she felt her career grew with him 

- Having a balance of commentators and journalists

- Moments leading up to the Omarosa interview

- Trump feeding into negative stereotypes of black people 

- This presidential term shows how important the press is and how much of a threat they are 

- Freedom of the press is apart of democracy 

- Ida B. Wells - black female investigative reporter who wrote about lynchings of black men when nobody else would 

- Questioning Trump at a press conference on the campaign trail

- Growing up Latina she didn’t see people who looked like her on main platforms