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Lil Yachty To Star In How High 2

Lil Yachty To Star In How High 2

Charles Keith and Lori Rothschild stopped by The Breakfast Club back in May to talk about Charle's brothers Kevin who has been sentenced to death for a triple murder back in 1994. Their new docu-series "Proving Innocence: Kevin Keith vs. The State of Ohio" which was produced by Lori Rothschild takes a look into the murder case as well as showing Charles fight to get his brother out of prison. Although there was a lack of physical evidence and there were four witnesses how have testified that Kevin was nowhere near the scene in which the murder took place, he was still found guilty and sentenced to death. 

Back in 2010, Charles was able to show evidence to the Governor of Ohio that convinced him to grant clemency and change Kevin Keith's sentence to life in prison. 

Since the interview aired on The Breakfast Club there have been a plethora of tips that have come in to Charles and Lori that might be able to help them finally free Kevin from his life sentence in Prison